What is "Niagara Cuisine"?

Since opening our doors in may 2006, we have always been fascinated and driven by the "farm-to-table" concept. To call the concept "farm-to-table" new is incorrect - it has been considered the norm for all great restaurants in Europe and many in the US over the past several decades. For years, chefs have worked with their local suppliers and based their menus upon the seasonal product of the region. We have undertaken the same philosophy, emphasizing the best artisan producers from the Niagara region and surrounding areas; using the restaurant to not only showcase our team's talent to our guests, but also showcase the individuals behind the ingredients.

But the process upon which you showcase this produce is just as important. In adopting simplicity, Stephen Treadwell has put maximum emphasis on the ingredient. Where some chefs use many ingredients on the plate - many refer to this as "confusion cuisine" - we prioritise only using a few, allowing the natural flavours of the product to take centre stage.

Our wine program is, and will always be, our driven by Niagara. We are so fortunate to be located in an area where world class wines are being produced only minutes away. Smaller, quality-driven producers with little or no representation in the LCBO or Vintages - such as Five Rows, Lailey and 2027 Cellars - are staples on our list. We also have a small, but excellent selection of international wines, with emphasis being placed on sustainable, organic, and biodynamic offerings from smaller, family-run producers. James Treadwell and our sommelier team will always be on hand to assist in enhancing our guests. experience - not only at the restaurant, but also with their adventures through wine country.

We are proud to provide our guests with an "exploration of Niagara Cuisine".